VOSTA LMG engineers have the necessary practical experience and understanding of your projects combined with the right theoretical knowledge and project management approach, ensuring that your project is managed as effectively as possible. VOSTA LMG’s engineering department uses modern 3D technologies, including CAD, CFD and FEM, in order to be cost-effective and to reduce delivery time, whether for dredging equipment or complete dredgers. Not being bound to a shipyard, VOSTA LMG engineers can be flexible in their approach, ranging from supplying a component package to a dredge contractor to delivering a complete dredger from start to finish.

For all type of dredgers, VOSTA LMG's engineering department manages the complete engineering process for the ship and all dredging equipment, starting from the concept phase, and continuing with layout, arrangements, production drawings, as well as diagrams, schematics and isometrics for all piping systems. This process also includes technical and FEM analyses. VOSTA LMG considers client’s request, specific requirements and characteristics in designing its high-performance, high-efficiency, low-maintenance dredgers at a low price.


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