Internship/ Graduation (NL/DE)

Do you want to do your bachelor or master thesis internship or work with us on interesting subjects in the dredging manufacturing industry? Looking for in Internship or Graduation at an international engineering company in the maritime sector? For our locations in Hoofddorp and Lübeck we are looking for Interns and Graduates in Mechanical Engineering as well as Automation Engineering (parttime or fulltime). 

As student at the Polytechnic or University there comes a time you have to search for an internship or graduation. You will have a number of requirements the internship or graduation must meet:

Clear link with your study (Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Shipbuilding, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Automation, Hydraulics, etc.)
Orientation on R&D, design, construction, etc.
Other for you important conditions

VOSTA LMG offers the flexibility to meet your wishes as much as possible when matching them with ours.
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