Successful sea trial Tshd "REEM ISLAND" with VOSTA LMG dredge pumps and automation

08 | 03 | 2019

On the 27th of February 2019, the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger “REEM ISLAND” of Koon Construction has performed a successful sea trial in Singapore. Testing the newly installed VOSTA LMG Dredge Pumps and the upgraded DCMS (Dredge Control & Monitoring System), with VOSTA LMG Automation Technology.

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The newly installed VOSTA LMG Single-Walled Dredge Pumps are designed for typical pump pressures up to 16 bars. A premium design, it is made to accommodate even the severe slurries.  The single wall construction and substantial suction, it provides reliable long term operations with easy maintenance that will benefit Koon Construction.
With the new VOSTA LMG pump which pressures up to 16 bars, it allows TSHD “REEM ISLAND” quicker transportation of the mixture to the hopper and to discharge location.

With the VOSTA LMG Automation Technology, TSHD “REEM ISLAND” will be able to reduce downtime and unnecessary wear and tear; thus maximising their efficiency and will be cost saving in the dredging operations for the upcoming projects. All relevant data for the process and dredging operations will be displayed to the operator; Status monitoring of the Dredge Pumps, Jet Pumps, Hopper etc.



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VOSTA LMG secures order for Dredge Automation and Side Suction Pipe Gantry Systems from Conrad Shipyard 26 April, 2021

Conrad Shipyard L. L. C. has awarded VOSTA LMG Components & Services B.V. orders for a Dredge Control and Monitoring system (DCMS) and Side Suction Pipe (SSP) Gantry System. These systems will be implemented in the new 6.500 yrd3 (5.000 m3) Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD) that Conrad Shipyard is currently building for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (GLDD) at its Deepwater South shipyard in Amelia, Louisiana, USA. Delivery of the vessel is scheduled before the end of second quarter 2023.



Successful delivery of VOSTA LMG T6 and T8 Cutter Heads 29 January, 2021

In January 2021, VOSTA LMG successfully delivered a T6 cutter head and a T8 cutter head to one of the mayor players in the worldwide dredging industry. VOSTA LMG’s expertise – acquired over more than a century – and the workmanship of VOSTA LMG Zhuhai’s production facility makes it possible to provide high quality products to many customers worldwide.

Underwater Cutting Wheels for Rudnik Kovin 09 December, 2020

In September 2020, VOSTA LMG has successfully delivered one set of two UNDERWATER CUTTING WHEELS for major mining operations in Serbia to end customer Rudnik Kovin.